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The Asian American Federation hosts a press conference with Asian community leaders and the Census Bureau to raise awareness about the next phase in Census 2010

NEW YORK- The national Census 2010 campaign is entering a new phase beginning May 1st. US Census Bureau enumerators will start going door-to-door to further ensure that everyone is counted. The Asian American Federation wants members of the community to be aware of, feel safe and to cooperate during this phase of the census.

Census Bureau enumerators carrying US Census Bureau issued ID cards will knock on doors- 1) if they need to verify information or 2) if they did not receive a census form from that household. It is important to remember that the census is safe and confidential. Like the census form, the enumerators will not ask immigration status, financial information or social security numbers. The enumerators have sworn an oath to protect the privacy of your Census information for life. Households can also contact Local Census Offices to verify the enumerator's status as a Census employee.

To make certain that everyone participates; enumerators are prepared to assist speakers of non-English languages in getting counted. They will be carrying a “Language Identification Flashcard.” If a household needs language assistance, they can point to their spoken language on the flashcard and the enumerator will return with a speaker of that language to assist with completing the census form. Language assistance guides and sample census forms are also available at to view and download.

If the enumerators do not find anyone home, they will leave a “Notice of Visit” with a local phone number to call to schedule an appointment or take the information over the phone. The Census Bureau will staff these phone with people hired from the neighborhood and speak the languages found in the neighborhood.

If anyone in the Asian community is having difficulty communicating with the Census Bureau or is hesitant to speak directly with Census staff, the Asian American Federation and our community partners stand ready to help answer questions. Our partners can be found on our website,

An accurate count in this year’s Census is critical in the development of our communities. There are few chances left to get counted, and the next chance will not come around for another 10 years. Assemblywoman Grace Meng who represents Flushing says, “New York State is now in serious trouble of losing millions of dollars in federal funding due to a very low response rate, a mere 67 percent compared to the national response rate of 72 percent. For those of you who haven't been counted yet in the 2010 census, this is your moment! Do your part in making sure we all get the services and funding that are due to our communities. Just remember, census workers will always carry identification, are trained to be respectful and courteous and will never ask to come inside.”

Established in 1989, the Asian American Federation is a nonprofit umbrella organization of over 40 community service agencies. The Federation’s mission is to advance the civic voice and well-being of Asian Americans. Our areas of focus include health & human services, education, economic opportunity, civic participation, social justice, and strengthening community nonprofits.