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Curtis S. Chin joins AAFNY Board of Directors
11/17/2005 (Press Release)

New York – The Asian American Federation of New York (AAFNY) welcomed Curtis S. Chin as their newest member to the Board of Directors. He joins 14 other members on this established Board. Chin is Managing Director, Public Affairs & Asia Pacific of...

Asian Americans Play Vital, Varied Roles In New York-Area Economy And Face Contrasting Economic Conditions, Asian American Federation Reports

NEW YORK – Asian Americans in the New York Metropolitan Area make major and diverse contributions to the region’s economy while facing contrasting economic conditions. On the one hand, Asians are well-represented in such high-income professions ...

Census profiles show less english ability, larger households And more recent population growth for asian americans In all new york city boroughs than for general populations

NEW YORK – Asian American populations in all New York City boroughs in 2000 had lower English skills, larger households and higher recent growth rates than general borough populations, according to census-based borough profiles released today by the ...

Asian American Federation Announces Initiative To Reach, Inform and Assess Needs Of Asian Americans In New York City Affected By Tsunamis

NEW YORK – The Asian American Federation of New York, a nonprofit leadership organization, today announced it is launching a Tsunami Local Response Initiative to reach, inform and determine needs of Asian Americans living in New York City who may hav...

Census Analysis Portrays Lower Standard of Living for New York City's Vietnamese Americans than for City's General and Total Asian Populations

NEW YORK – Vietnamese Americans in New York City not only had a lower standard of living than city residents as a whole but also lagged behind the city’s overall Asian American population in 2000, according to a census-based profile released today by...

Census Analysis Highlights Poverty, Growth, and Limited Education and English skills of New York City's Elderly Asian American Population

NEW YORK – The Asian American Federation of New York, a nonprofit leadership organization, today issued a census-based profile detailing characteristics of New York City’s Asian American senior citizens. Drawn from recently-released and older U....

Census-Based Profile Depicts Poverty, Language Barriers and Other Hurdles Amid Rapid Growth for New York City's Bangladeshi American Population

NEW YORK – New York City’s Bangladeshi American population faced daunting economic and social challenges while experiencing the fastest growth among the city’s Asian groups in the last decade, according to a census-based profile published today. T...