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Higher Poverty, Lower Incomes, Less English Ability And Larger Households Distinguished Pakistani Americans From Total New York City Population in 2000, Asian American Federation Census Analysis Shows

NEW YORK – New York City’s Pakistani Americans tended to experience greater poverty, earn less, speak less English and live in larger households than city residents as a whole in 2000, a census analysis by the Asian American Federation of New York ...

Chinese Americans – Largest Asian American Group in New York City - Have Lower Incomes, Education Levels and English Skills than City's Overall Population, Census Analysis Reveals

NEW YORK – Chinese Americans, who comprise the largest Asian American group in New York City and nearly half of Asian American New Yorkers, have a lower standard of living than the city’s overall population, according to a census-based profile releas...

New York City's Filipino Americans Have Higher Incomes and More Education than New Yorkers Overall, but Elderly Filipinos Face Greater Language Barriers, Census Profile Reveals

NEW YORK - Filipino Americans in New York City generally earn more money and have more education than New York residents as a whole. At the same time, while working-age Filipino Americans in New York tend to speak English better than their city-wide...

New Jersey's Asian American Population is Nation's Fifth-Largest After Nearly Doubling in a Decade, Asian American Federation Reports

NEW YORK - New Jersey’s Asian American population nearly doubled from 1990 to 2000, making it the fifth-largest Asian population in a U.S. state, according to a census profile released today by the Asian American Federation of New York. The document...

Recent Immigration, Limited English Skills and Elderly Poverty Common Among Korean American New Yorkers, Census Analysis Shows

NEW YORK - New York City has the second-largest Korean American population in the United States (after Los Angeles). New York’s Korean population grew in the 1990s and comprises the city’s third-largest Asian group. Most Korean New Yorkers immigrat...

Asian Pacific American Gay and Lesbian Households in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles Areas Have Lower Standard of Living Than Non-Asian Same-Sex Households, Census Analysis Reveals

NEW YORK - Asian Pacific American gay and lesbian partners sharing households in the New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles metropolitan areas generally have a lower standard of living than their non-Asian counterparts, according to results of a fi...

Large Numbers, Rapid Growth, Recent Immigration and Queens Hub Characterize New York City's Indian American Population, Census Profile Shows

NEW YORK - New York City’s Indian American population is the second-largest Asian American group in the city, more than doubled in the last decade, consists mainly of recent immigrants, and is concentrated in Queens, according to a census-based profi...

January Enrollment Deadline Fast Approaching for Final Major September 11th Recovery Programs

New York urges eligible community members to step forward for assistance through Service Coordination Program          More than 2 years since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, which saw immediat...

Lower Manhattan Is Poorer, Less Educated and Growing Faster Than Manhattan as a Whole

NEW YORK - Lower Manhattan residents generally are poorer, less educated and less skilled in English than the overall Manhattan population, according to an analysis of 1990 and 2000 U.S. census data by the Asian American Federation of New York. ...