Asian American Federation Engages in Community Awareness Campaign on Mayoral Control of City Public School System

In 2002 the New York State legislature approved a law giving the Mayor of New York City control of the city’s public schools. This measure, commonly known as “Mayoral Control” is due to expire in June 2009 and the State legislature must decide whether to renew mayoral control or return to the old system. If mayoral control is renewed, they must also decide whether to amend the law. In partnership with the Hispanic Federation and Black Equity Alliance, the Asian American Federation engages in a campaign to educate parents and community leaders about Mayoral Control, the sun-setting of the law in June, and seek greater community and parent participation in voicing their opinions about Mayoral Control.

Parents with children in the public school system can offer their feedback by filling out a questionnaire and fax it back to the Federation at (212) 344-5636 or e-mail at no later than April 30th 2009.