The Asian American Task Force on Aging Responds to City Concept Papers on Aging Services

The Asian American Task Force on Aging, a network of elderly service providers convened by the Asian American Federation, issued a list of comments in response to the City Department for the Aging’s concepts papers proposing to modernize City funded senior centers and home delivered meals.  In a written response to the City’s solicitation for comments, the Task Force posted a number of issues, including the requests that:

The Asian American Task Force on Aging is a growing network aimed at developing a long ranged, proactive Agenda for Aging Services.  The Task Force meets on a monthly basis, and responds to policy issues and advocates for elderly services in the Asian American community.

The Asian American Task Force on Aging was first organized in the 1990s by the Federation as a network of service providers with a shared interest in the field of aging.  The Task Force’s work led to a study and publication on Human Services for the Asian American Elderly in New York City in 1996.  In 2003, further, and extensive work by the Federation, with the help of selected members of the Task Force, led to the study and publication of a landmark report, Asian American Elders in New York City: A Study of Health, Social Needs, Quality of Life, and Quality of Care.  The Agenda for Aging Services, which the Task Force is starting to develop, will serve as a blueprint for elderly service development in Asian American community for the next 5 years.