Addressing the Impact of Asian Stereotypes on Youth & Professionals

Over 150 students, professionals, and community leaders joined us for our Oct. 27 panel on Asian Stereotypes: Understanding How Microaggressions Impact Youth & Professionals. Psych expert Kevin Nadal talked about the mental health impact of subtle forms of discrimination, and was joined by Almeet Kaur, David Zhou, and Gloria S. Chan, who shared their strategies for addressing microaggressions in school and the workplace.

If you missed it, watch the full video here and contribute to the conversation! You can also see event photos here.

Video credit: ManSee Kong

Learn more about our panelists here.

Keep the conversation going by reading Kevin Nadal’s article on When Racial Biases and Microaggressions Kill.

Thank you to all our wonderful panelists for sharing their time and expertise with the community! Also, a special thank you to Empire BlueCross BlueShield and W.K. Kellogg Foundation for their generous support of the event.