The Federation Announces 2 New Member Agencies

DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association, Inc. and Immigrant Social Services, Inc. have been confirmed as the newest member agencies of the Asian American Federation.  The Federation is excited to have on board these dedicated agencies and look forward to working with them in the future.

DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association, Inc. is an independent non-profit grassroots organization based in New York and New Jersey that upholds and promotes the rights and welfare of Filipino migrant workers.  It also raises awareness and organizes around issues of migrant workers, particularly domestic workers, to understand the root causes of these issues.  Damayan is a Filipino word that means helping each other.

Founded in 1972, Immigrant Social Services, Inc. (ISS) has specialized in providing after-school and summer day camp programs to children of immigrant families in the neighborhoods of the Greater Chinatown area of Manhattan.  Through a combination of academic tutoring, family counseling and extracurricular activities, ISS programs in four local public schools (PS 2 on Henry Street, PS 42 on Hester Street, PS 126 on Catherine Street and PS 130 on Baxter Street) provide comfort and security for parents, leaving them free from the worry and concern they naturally feel about their children who would otherwise, once released from school, be left unsupervised at home alone, or worse – idle on the streets.