2nd Annual Outing to the Big Apple Circus for Disadvantaged Asian Children in New York

For this second year of bringing fun and laughter to disadvantaged Asian children and youth living in the New York City area, the Ong Family Foundation is partnering with the Yu Family Foundation in sponsoring a night of dizzying delights and jaw-dropping spectacles for those who have never attended a circus, or whose families cannot afford to bring them.

Celebrating its 35th season, the Big Apple Circus presents: “Legendarium, a journey into circus past” for a first-hand view of daredevils, beauties and clowns from another era! Co-hosted by the Asian American Federation and the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, the circus promises over 1,600 immigrant or lower income families and children, one of the finest live family entertainment experiences in New York City.

Tickets for a November showing, will be distributed to local Asian nonprofit clientele including:  APEX for Youth, Asian Americans for Equality, Central Queens Academy, Chinatown Manpower Project, Chinatown YMCA, Chinese-American Planning Council, General Human Services Organization, Hamilton-Madison House, Korean American Family Service Center, New York Asian Women’s Center, South Asian Youth Action, and The Transfiguration School’s Kindergarten class.

children at circus

At the 1st Annual Big Apple Circus Outing, November 17, 2011