Statement from the Asian American Federation on the Pew Research Center Study on Asian Americans

The Asian American Federation appreciates the significant investment of the Pew Research Center in producing a major report, The Rise of Asian Americans. While we acknowledge the merits of this extensive report and its contribution to the public discourse on Asian Americans, we would like to express our disappointment and to point out the report's serious shortcomings.

The portrait of Asian Americans as presented in the Pew report is glaringly incomplete and implicitly misleading. The Asian American experiences are much more complex, diverse, and of contrasts than what the report presents. Here are some cases in point:

As an organization dedicated to the advancement of Asian Americans, we at the Asian American Federation certainly recognize many successes that Asian Americans have made as discussed in the Pew report. However, we also believe that a comprehensive narrative of the Asian American experiences should reflect certain critical challenges that the community still has to confront. Therefore, we hope that Pew will seek the insight of researchers and thought leaders with greater knowledge of Asian American experiences for any future studies.